Vic Provost – the calm in every storm

At any WAKO Canada competition the Officials table is a frenzy of activity.  Fast action bouts are closely observed; critical paperwork is completed; medical staff monitor athlete safety; officials are tracking corners and ensure rules are followed.  You can also add the stress of fans being vocal for their favorite athletes adding to the pressure on the official.

Amongst this organized chaos sits our team of WAKO Chief Officials.

It is their responsibility to ensure the integrity of the sport and the safety of the athletes.  Fair play and health are the two hallmarks of the WAKO Canada Chief Official.

Whenever I am questioned about a call of an official I always encourage coaches and athletes to speak to the chief official to get their perspective. They are always willing to explain decisions … but only if you ask politely! 🙂  I also encourage people to take the officials course and begin their involvement with our officials team.  It is the best way to give back to our sport!

The role of the official is critical at every competition. 

The role of the Chief Official is paramount to our association.

We are fortunate to have an amazing team of Chief Officials who have worked with our NSO and PSO for many years.  Each of our Chief Officials has an amazing story of their involvement in the sport and why they choose to give back.

Vic Provost is our longest standing Chief Official (along with Amanda Dominchetti and Stephan Nash).  He began in the sport as a participant in a member club in Ottawa known as Nomad Kickboxing.  He would train alongside his two daughters and together they would participate in competitions held in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s.

When the National Kickboxing Association was being developed, Vic volunteered his time and experience to get the association moving forward.  Over the years he has had many roles from being a Board Member; Executive Board Member; coach; advisor to other PSOs and provincial governments; facilitator at courses held across Canada; an international WAKO Official in Europe, Mexico, and Africa; as well as a PRO referee with the OAC.

But his love has always been as an official right here at home.  (Vic drives from Ottawa to volunteer at almost all of our competitions – so his home is actually his car and Tim’s!)

Vic is highly respected in the industry for his calm nature and ability to resolve issues in the most stressful situations.  The next time you see Vic congratulate him on his years of supporting our sport and putting the athlete first!



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