Provincial Sport Organizations

Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) are not-for profit organizations formally recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport as the governing body of a particular amateur sport. The primary function of a PSO is the development of athletes, coaches and officials.

Recognized PSOs play an important role in the sport system by developing their respective sports across your province and encouraging participation in recreational and competitive sport programs. They are self-governing organizations responsible for: developing their sports; providing a competitive pathway for athlete development; selecting provincial teams; recruiting and training coaches, officials and volunteers; conducting provincial championships; and ensuring they operate within their National Sport Organization (NSO) rules.

For the public, a provincially recognized PSO provides assurance that the organization:

  • Operates in a safe and effective manner;
  • Follows national standards when developing and offering a sport;
  • Offers high quality programs to their members;
  • Has certified coaches and officials; and
  • Has established risk management policies (discipline, harassment, anti-doping, screening for volunteers etc.).


WAKO Canada is working hard to develop PSO’s across the country. Since Kickboxing has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) we wish to see our sport in the Canada Games and Olympics in the very near future. Creating a PSO in every province will ensure this becomes a reality for kickboxing in Canada and world wide.

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