WAKO World Champion – Chuck McCarthy

Chuck McCarthy joined his club with WAKO Canada only a few years ago and in a short time he has taken the International WAKO World by storm.  In two years our Newfoundland native has medalled at the 2016 WAKO PANAMs in Mexico and the 2017 WAKO World Championship in Hungary.   His accomplishments in winning international medals is an incredible feat.  Perhaps more impressive is the fact that he has won medals in three different WAKO disciplines!  At the PANAMs Chuck won medals in both the Masters Point Sparring and Light Contact Sparring, at the WAKO Worlds he medalled in the Masters Kick Light and Light Contact divisions.

Chuck immersed himself in a gruelling training program to prepare for his first WAKO World Championship.  The Hungary World Championship was one of the most competitive in WAKO history and he focused on the highly competitive Masters Kick Light and Light Contact divisions.  Chuck was fortunate to be able to train with fellow Newfoundlander and 2 x WAKO World Championship Full Contact Medalist Robbie Wiseman.  Chuck humbly credits Robbie for his accomplishments in Hungary.  ‘Sparring with Robbie made all the difference in my training.  If I could move with Robbie I know I could beat anyone at the Worlds!’

His drawings were highly competitive with tough competitors from Azerbaijan, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, and Poland.  The hard work paid off as our determined Canadian won 5 out of 6 bouts capturing a silver and gold medal in the two World Championship divisions.

Chuck is able to balance a busy career with running his club, raising two young children with is lovely wife Carla, and training and coaching full time!   What makes it possible is his amazing organizational skills and a deep passion for the sport.

Congratulations Chuck!  You are an inspiration to every Canadian athlete!


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