South Africa

WAKO Canada has had a long-standing relationship with WAKO South Africa. Over

the past 15 years we have sent 12 National Teams to this most southern African

country. Our relationship goes beyond competition as we have conducted seminars

for local clubs, had joint training camps with both teams, and have shared resources

between our WAKO associations. Pat Carney and his team has always been an

incredible host providing our team with tours, wilderness safaris, historical visits

and incredible hospitality.

Our 13 National Team just returned from two events in the cities of Thabazimbi and

Pretoria. The experience in South Africa was again incredible for our athletes. The

team experienced life on a bush game park; visited traditional African markets;

released captured Boa Constrictors into the wild; and went on a guided safari.

South Africa won the first team event in Thabazimbi while Canada was victorious in

the second event in Pretoria. The bouts were all exciting with our athletes showing

amazing skill and spirit. It was the great relationships that made this trip a once-in-

a lifetime experience for all!

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