Sensi Billy builds a new generation

Martial Arts clubs and kickboxing gyms are often known by their stars athletes most of which are adults.  Billy Strumenikovski from Legends MMA of Brampton is changing that image.  While his club has many highly talented adults the greatest strength of Legends is Billy’s army of youngsters!

At any given WAKO Canada competition there is always one or more Legends athletes in every division.  It is amazing to see the strong relationship between Sensi Billy and each of his competitors.  His passion for the sport and his commitment to his athletes is incredible.  The results also speak wonders as this Brampton club often walks away with the greatest portion of tournament hardware!

Billy identifies himself as a martial artist first and foremost.  His pedigree includes instructor status is a variety of arts.  He has a black belt in karate, a black sash in Kung Fu and is a KRU in Muay Thai.  And those are just the beginning of his skills and accreditation.  The broad range of knowledge he has accumulated in his years of training has translated into the success of his students in boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

It was his dedication towards young athletes that has Billy chosen as a 2018 Ontario Winter Games Leader.  If you want to learn something from this outstanding coach you can’t miss him at any of our events.  Just listen to the roaring and chanting group of Legends MMA fans and he won’t be far!

Congratulations Sensi Billy!

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  1. Sensi Billy has been teaching my 2 boys age 8 and 10 for some time now.
    He not only teaches K1, Muay Thai, and boxing in his program, he also teaches dicipline, respect and honour. This is Legends MMA’s foundation for success.
    Thank you Sensei Billy for your dedication to your school and your students.

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