Rock Athletics

WAKO Canada has many active clubs from Vancouver right across to St. Johns. Rock
Athletics in Newfoundland has been the hub of east coast competitions for many
years. In fact the club has fielded more athletes on National teams that any other
club in the country! The head instructor Robbie Wiseman is a trendsetter in
Canadian martial arts. His club has an active Karate program, a successful after-
school program, and a solid competitive team.

Robbie also leads by example as Canada’s #1 heavyweight. His accolades are many
including medaling at the WAKO World Championships in Hungry (2014) and
Ireland (2016). He was also the only athlete to win a Gold medal in point fighting
and full contact kickboxing at the 2016 PANAMs in Mexico. Under Robbie’s
direction Rock Athletics is fielding 5 talented athletes for the 2017 WAKO World
Championship in Hungry this coming November. Keep up the amazing work Rock

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