East West Battle Series

The EAST vs WEST Battles Series I was a huge success. Team Canada faced Team

China in a 10 bout team event. The event was staged at the Hershey Center with

over 4000 spectators and over 60 Million viewers on PPV. The production set an

incredible standard for kickboxing shows anywhere in the world!

The success from the first Battle Series will continue as WAKO Canada is now

selecting the 10 athletes for EAST vs WEST II to be held on October 5 2018. The

Board has decided to use 4 tournament style events to select Team Canada. Athletes

will receive points based on placings at each of the 4 Qualifier tournaments.

As WAKO Canada is committed to build a strong feeder system there will also be

divisions for Cadets, Junior, Intermediate and Senior athletes in all of our WAKO


Senior Male and Female athletes registered in the K1 category will receive points

based on their placing at each qualifier tournament The athletes with the highest

points will be selected to attend the final trials training camps to select the 2018

Canadian Team to face Team China in 2018.

Start your training for the 1st qualifier on October 28-29 2017!

Check out the EVENT HERE

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